GMC fans can’t get enough of their favorite TRUCKS AND SUV's.

How does one fill that insatiable hunger for content?

Take off the leash.



Rethinking everything.

We cut through the entrenched production process with an innovative content creation program that produced a high volume of high-quality images for far less than traditional automotive photo shoots.


Feeding the fire.

Leveraging non-traditional photographers and shoot formats, we created a wide range of assets perfectly matched to the brand, nameplate and season. Easily supplying Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with hundreds of unique and impactful posts a year.



Powered by a backbone of aspirational "always on" posts and bolstered by a series of high-profile tentpole moments like this one and this one, our efforts propelled the GMC Instagram and Twitter channels to the fastest growth in our competitive set for 2016.


Making the most of it.

Not wasting a single opportunity, we even made a social documentary featuring one of our favorite shooters while on assignment.

Watch it here.



Facebook + Instagram + Twitter



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 Social Team

Creative Directors: Stephen Kerry, Matt Perry
Writers: Matt Perry, Pat Robbins, Tom Topolewski, Matt Sheehan
Art Directors: Stephen Kerry, Melissa Meyer, Blake Hurley, Alex Prieditis
Social Producer: Joan DiSalvo
Social Account: Amy Drill, Lauren Cousineau
Community Managers: Francheska Gjeloshaj, John Hill, Anisha Tandon