GMC helps build smart homes that enable injured vets to live normal lives.

To raise awareness for the cause, we did the only logical thing:

Tossed two smart home recipients out of a plane...
And took the internet along for the ride.



Virtual bucket list delivered.

Powered by celebrity host Josh Duhamel, short teaser video posts drove traffic to the Facebook 360 of the skydive on GMC's page. Traditional long form video enhanced the story. For added bang, the experience toured the country as part of GMC's event display.


Response was breathtaking.

As the hit count climbed and the likes, shares and comments rolled in, the conversation heated up - garnering coverage far beyond the usual automotive media.

AdWeek / People Magazine / NBC San Diego / TruckTrend / Fox Los Angeles


The hard work paid off.

In addition to helping build smart homes for severely injured veterans, the campaign was awarded the coveted Black D for Best of Show Digital Media at the 2016 Detroit D-Show.



2016 D-Show Black D: Best of Digital Media

7 D-Show Awards:

Cinema or Non-Broadcast

Innovative Marketing - Branded Entertainment/Product Placement

Innovative Media

Digital Media - Interactive Advertising

Digital Media - Social Media - Individual Element

Digital Media - Social Media - Individual Element

The Craft - Video/Film/Special Effects - Non-Commercial



Social + Experiential



Leo Burnett

Chief Creative Officer: Steve Chavez
Associate Creative Directors: Matt Perry, Stephen Kerry
Executive Producer: Brian Dooley
Senior Producer: Adam Simmons, Clark Attebury
GMC Account Manager: Amy Drill
GMC Content Manager: Francheska Gjeloshaj
Production Company: ReelFX Dallas
Director: Elliot Dillman
Director of Photography: Samuel Brownfield
Aerial Director of Photography: Craig O'Brien
Editors: Greg Sunmark, Quan Tran
VFX Artists: Laychin Lee, Dan Margules
Color: Laychin Lee, Reel FX
Veteran Jumpers: Team Fastrax, Todd Love, Stephen Valyou