How do you explain the mission of an organization that people think they know, but actually don’t?

You bring in an entirely new kind of CEO.



The Chief Explaining Officer

We enlisted Detroit's own Keegan-Michael Key as The United Way's first-ever Chief Explaining Officer. Playing the role of a well-meaning, if slightly-misguided, United Way volunteer, Key walked audiences through the organization's main missions: the 2-1-1 assistance hotline, community nutritional support, financial planning and youth education programming.


A true 360 Campaign.

Social posts, online banner ads, building signage, billboards and wild postings featuring hashtags based on Key's most intriguing verbal slip-ups drove curious onlookers to discover more online.



The 360 campaign pushed to a microsite,, that explained the real story of The United Way's efforts in Detroit.



6 D-Show Awards:

PSA & Political Collateral Integrated - Campaign

Digital Media - Social Media - Campaign

Digital Media - Social Media Individual Element "Food for Thought"

Digital Media - Social Media Individual Element "Little Al"

Digital Media - Social Media Individual Element "Storytime With Key"

Digital Media - Social Media Individual Element "Food for Thought"



Social + Out of Home + Guerrilla + OLA



Leo Burnett

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Writers: Matt Perry, Marty Muthuswami
Art Director: Stephen Kerry
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